COVID-19 Special Announcement

At Viewtique, we take the health and safety of all those we affect very seriously. We are also very cognizant that this unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic will have a disproportionate economic affect on small businesses. It is with both of those facts in mind that we have enacted the following policies:

  1. At-Home Try-Ons. We are indefinitely suspending our "try-on at-home" service to minimize the number in-person interactions, which is recommended by the CDC to improve the expected health outcome of society at large.
  2. Discover and Shop. While mitigating health risks, we will still operate by allowing you - as a shopper - to discover and shop online across your local boutiques of Northern Indiana at a time when they are most vulnerable.
  3. Free shipping. We will be covering shipping for any items purchased through our site.
  4. Gift Card Sharing. Any gift cards purchased on our site will be immediately divvied up and disbursed to the boutiques that are currently partnered with us and shoppable on our site.
  5. More Boutiques! Lastly, we have expanded the menu of boutiques (on our homepage) of which to consider even though they are not yet shoppable on our site in order to bring attention to the phenomenal boutiques and boutique owners we have in this Northern Indiana region. It always delights us to share with you boutiques that you already love as well as some you've never heard of before! :)
Viewtique will always put the interests of our boutique owners, their staff, and their boutiques first, and they will never have a bigger advocate and supporter than us. We are also here to serve their shoppers and clientele to the best of our abilities as well. We hope and pray that you and your family remain safe and healthy during this difficult time for us all, and we hope that we can share with you some of the amazing businesses that we are proud exist in our backyard here in Northern Indiana. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions:  574-406-0776 or


The Viewtique Team
Mike, Chris, & Camille